Welcome to Time Media

We value the true pursuit of creating something bigger than ourselves. To inspire those around us, and create an impact greater than we could imagine.

Nadia & Mich

Time Moves fast, we help you move faster

In the marketing industry, it comes down to seconds. Two seconds to make an impression. Five seconds to capture an attention span. These numbers present an opportunity to make our craft even better. We focus on informed, data-driven solutions to help you move faster and get ahead.

Creatively Ambitious, High quality driven

Informed, data-driven solutions must be paired with creativity and high-quality execution. Not only do we focus on helping our clients understand why decisions are made but also find a creative way to display your website, photos and videos. All to deliver high-quality results that keep your clients engaged & wanting more.

Create to inspire. Inspire to change the world.

The only work that makes us better is the work that makes our peers, our community, and ultimately the world better. We focus on creating to inspire people through the work we do. When we inspire those around us to take action through the businesses they create, together, we can change the world.

Get Started

our client process


All inquiries are directed through our website. Fill out the form and select a booking date for a free consultation that works with your schedule. This helps us get to know you before we meet.

After you fill out the inquiry form, you will receive an email and a copy of the information guide. This will help you learn more about us before the meeting.


During the 1 hour online consultation, we will explore if we are a good fit to work together. Additionally, we will listen to your needs and assess which of our services will best align with your needs.

Before the consultation ends, we will send you a proposal, invoice, and contract. Please note, that our prices are starting prices. We build the right package for you based on the complexity of the project.


Once the signed contract and downpayment have been received, we will begin creating. For web projects, the quote is valid for 2 weeks. For production, 1 week. If we don’t hear back, the offer is invalid and pricing is subject to change.

You will receive a welcome packet and we will invite you to an online client portal where you can keep track of your project’s progress. If you have worked with us before, you will already have a client portal, and we can work on using that as a starting place.

Project Support

We will meet regularly to ensure optimal communication and project success. Depending on the contract signed, this could be bi-weekly or weekly etc.

The Client Portal will be used to keep track of live progress so you can always know where the status of your project without having to contact us first.

Ongoing Support & Closing

Once the project is complete, all payments are finalized, and all client deliverables have been received, our time together is complete. Unless, of course, your package included a monthly retainer.

In that case, we’ll continue to meet with you monthly or as needed to support your business & marketing goals. And as always, we’re never too busy to work with you again!


Meet The Team

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Co-FounderProduction Lead

Nadia Mansour

With 3 years of marketing experience and an extensive background as a digital journalist in the media industry, Nadia brings a wealth of expertise. Hailing from Northern BC, she observed the slow, gradual digital evolution in both marketing and media. Nadia harbours a deep passion for innovation in photo and video production, firmly convinced that superior solutions are attainable regardless of where we live.

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Co-FounderLead Developer

Mich Ochieng

With a rich background spanning several years in web and software development, Mich brings over 5 years of expertise to Time Media. He is passionate about crafting cutting-edge, scalable, and user-friendly solutions. Whether it's the development of complex web applications or the creation of intuitive user interfaces, Mich's keen eye for detail ensures the delivery of high-quality work that consistently exceeds expectations.